WA Police – Moving into the Community

by Freospace on 5 December 2014

Here’s hoping the new Frontline 2020 will reduce the need for a Police Reality TV Program to provide the incentive to target undesirable activities in Beacy
Remember – See it report it

Call Crimestoppers 1800333000 or 131444

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Matthew Hanssen August 28, 2015 at 11:15 am

My understanding is that the South Metro area was one of the areas which was first trialed and the government has subsequently rolled this new policing model out across other metropolitan areas.

If your comments are referring to the Davis Park area in Beaconsfield, then I don’t remember hearing complaints about the raids except the drug dealers and criminals. I don’t think any ones civil liberties were denigrated and from what was reported in the Herald, people in the neighborhood were cheering the raids on.


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