The DRAFT Residential Parking Permit Policy – More questions than answers

by lflanagan on 27 October 2014

The proposed DRAFT Residential Parking Permit Policy was discussed in depth at the recent Precinct meeting on October 14.
The meeting was unanimous in stating the method of communication by the City of Fremantle re the change in Residents Parking Permit Policy was deeply flawed. It failed to succinctly inform residents of what impact the changes would have on them.
Example the Policy document stated – on street parking permits would not be permitted anytime within the pink zone (CBD)
Whereas the FAQs stated “could I still use my Residents Parking Permit in the Fremantle CBD?”
Answer – “yes this permit will continue to be available to all residents”
Just what is the real answer?
Most agreed that it was inevitable in CBD areas, as parking becomes scarcer for visitors, there would be more (timed) parking restrictions imposed, Fremantle is no different to Subiaco, West Leederville or Mount Lawley. Transient workers (train passengers) and workers in inner Fremantle are able to take advantage of the unrestricted parking zones at the expense of visitors.
However what is not discussed/proposed is what changes to the public transport system will provide additional benefits to residents to replace their dependence on driving into Fremantle.
Just how are residents going to attend to Tuesday Movie nights if they cannot park their vehicles for free in Fremantle? Say hello to Garden City Cinemas!!
All agreed that stricter timed parking should not be imposed on Fremantle residents in the blue and in particular the green zones and we discouraged the addition of paid parking in these zones.
Local business owners might agree to changes proposed i.e. increasing timed parking zones, but “(residential) rate payers”, would not agree.
Some meeting members saw the policy as nothing more than revenue raising exercise and the rollout across the City in changing street signs across the City will run into the tens of thousands of dollars which can only be covered by increase in rates.
Since the release of the Policy and the subsequent expiry of the submission period very little has been heard. Maybe it has “timed out”
This policy will be debated heavily prior to any rollout

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