The City is reviewing parking permits for all Fremantle residents

by lflanagan on 6 October 2014

Submission close date: 13/10/2014
The City is reviewing parking permits in Fremantle and proposing a number of changes.

This new initiative will affect ALL residents not just CBD residents

The City would appreciate your feedback via a survey, which is open until 13 October 2014.
What’s proposed?
The policy proposes new parking zones with different parking permit entitlements for residents. The number of residential and multi-purpose parking permits residents are entitled would depend on the zone they live in. New parking time restrictions are also proposed for some zones.

In summary, the main changes proposed are:
Pink zone CBD – residential or multi-purpose parking permits would not be provided to residents in this area. Time limited parking restrictions would remain in place.
Blue zone – outer CBD: Introducing two hour parking to streets which are currently unrestricted with provision for permit holders to park on the street. Provision for two residential and one multi-purpose parking permits per household.
Green zone – OUTER SUBURBS: Provision for two residential and two multi-purpose permits per household. Any future request for time restricted street parking in this zone would be for a maximum of 4 hours

Why is the City of Fremantle proposing to change the parking permit policy?
The City of Fremantle is undertaking a review of the parking permit policy to improve how we manage parking in the City. The review has come about as a result of a need to:
• respond to the challenge of the limited physical capacity to provide parking or road space for all of Fremantle’s residents, workers, students and visitors. As the city continues to grow, the pressure on street parking increases.

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